Watercolor Illustration

Storytelling is an art form in of itself. Each page is a window into a new world.

Some sing, some perform, and some write. All tell a tale. Illustration through watercolors is how I tell my tales. As an artist for hire, I want to help you tell yours.

Whether we talk over the phone or over a cup of coffee, let’s see what we can make together. I’d be thrilled to help you create something new, or share a piece from my online gallery below. Most pieces are for sale, and those that aren’t can be recreated especially for you.

Fantasy Landscapes and Scenes

Distant Destiny

watercolor fantasy landscape dragon wizard rider
From across the valley the two locked eyes. The threads of fate had not only pulled both to this spot on this day, but commanded both to look upon the other. Today, Fate declared, Gerard and Horth would become lifelong friends.

Unexpected Catch

watercolor illustration mermaid fisherman surpries
The fisherman and the mermaid locked eyes, trading looks of shock for looks of annoyance. The river had never had such a creature before, Billy had been hoping for a grindylow, after all.

Visiting a Friend

Watercolor Illustration witch mouse visiting fish friend
"It's easy," Clara says, "I just sorta think of the air, and the broom follows me." Robert thinks for a moment and says "But you're going further away from the pond that way."

Out For a Stroll

watercolor mouse witch magic
Clara stepped out, on her way to gather ingredients for her latest potion. It was a good day.

Gone Fishing

Watercolor Illustration mouse and turtle fishing
"Any bites?" "Not yet, you're scaring them all away"

Character Development for Various Clients

Buffasaurus Rex

Designed for gym apparel, this wholesome dude inspires everyone that even with little baby arms, you to can get hella-swole.


One of the FutureGen Universe's most powerful villains, this self-proclaimed ruler has few equals in the new comic book universe.

Mermaid Coloring Book

Included in a mermaid-themed coloring book.

Dream Big

One spread from a children's book in development, teaching the valuable lesson to dream big and believe that you too can be a fire-spewing monster some day.

College Bigfoot

Part of series using themed bigfoots to advertise events around a local college.

Sluggy the Slug Man

Today's Mood: Slug Man

Once upon a time…

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