oil painting cityscape buildings

Commissionable Oil Paintings

Art is a part of life, invaluable and indispensable. Every square inch of color and shape and form I can squeeze into this world is one more part of it that is complete.

Everyone has their own art to add to the world, whether or not they realize it. Dreams, thoughts, songs, and emotions all are bursting with a form-to-be-found. As an artist for hire, I want to help you make real the art inside of you.

Whether we talk over the phone or over a cup of coffee, let’s see what we can make together. Or please feel free to peruse my online gallery below. Most pieces are for sale, and those that aren’t can be repainted especially for you.



oil painting sunset over a field
The landscape explodes in flames as the sun settles beyond the horizon. Don't worry, all of the animals got out of the way.

City on the Sea

oil painting cityscape buildings
No matter how the wind howled or the water surged, the buildings stood tall and without concern.

Smooth Jazz Acres

oil painting quiet countryside farm sunset
As the stars appear across the sky, the nighttime noises begin. Croaking frogs and chirping crickets, snapping twigs as hunters and prey stir. And deep in the distance the silky strains of free-form jazz begin.

Cozy Castle

oil painting spooky cozy castle in the mountains
The meaning of 'cozy' and 'private' change wildly from person to person. Whipping wind and locked gates sound just lovely to me.

Sunset at Sea

sunset ocean oil painting
The ocean and atmosphere blur together as the sun ignites both in its passing

Cliffs and Clouds

Oil Painting clouds and cliffside
Rising into the clouds, the clifftop forests stood as islands atop the rocks.


Another Grand Adventure

oil painting abstract adventure balloons
Sooner or later the balloons would lose their air and Rebecca would fall to the Earth below. She knew this, but she wasn't worried. She was resourceful and had packed a sandwich, a pocket knife, and a change of socks before leaving.

Hello, Old Friend

oil painting surreal traveller visiting monster
The ground didn't behave like ground should here, and the traveller was beginning to feel the effects. Still, it had been too long since the last visit with his friend.

Sea Breeze

oil painting witch flying over ocean coast
The cove was far out of the witch's way, but she had time this day and felt a need for the strong sea air.

Witches Gather

oil painting witches gather at night
The three hadn't seen each other for a long time, but important developments had brought them together again.

The Forest Roared

oil painting forest spirit big monster
The spirit embodied the fury of the entire wood, given form by the very pain of the trees themselves. "PLEASE" it bellowed "STOP HIKING WITH EXTERNAL BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS. YOU'RE A KNOB AND YOUR MUSIC IS TERRIBLE"

Morning Commute

oil painting outer space coffee astronaut
AstroBob sipped his spacecoffee as he drifted towards the spaceoffice. "Another spaceday, another spacedollar," he sighs.

Sir Crabbington, Esq.

oil painting fancy crab
A hat and cane do not make one Fancy, although Crabbington enjoyed the theatrics they provided.

The Sunken Sword

oil painting lost sword in the stone atlantis
The kingdom would belong to whomsoever could wield the sword. But under hundreds of feet of ocean, who could even attempt it?

The Mountain Sword

oil painting myth sword in the stone
"Go and fetch the sword" they said. "Go and rule the lands" they said. No one mentioned the cruel mountain that held the blade was only corporeal half the time.


The Ocean Came In

oil painting abstract beach
The ocean always apologized for flowing over into the sand, sometimes babbling and stumbling over its own words. The sand was forgiving though, and if we're being honest, rather enjoyed the feeling of the waves.

Ghosts of the City

oil painting on canvas lights city at night
Through the rain and the dark, still the lights shone

Joining the Rest

oil painting messy spiritual ghost afterlife
An eternity of hesitation passes as the decision is made. Bits and pieces of the self begin to move across the void towards the rest of them all.

Fire at Night

Oil Painting nighttime campfire and stars
The embers of the fire drifted upwards past the clouds and mixed with the stars.

Galaxies Collide

oil painting galaxy outer space
Billions of lives and worlds are held in violent flux while the galaxies each claim the other is on their side of the seat, mom. MOM tell him to stay on his side!

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