Custom Muraling Services

A child’s room is their own special, private place, where their imagination can run wild and playtime can go crazy. Giving them an entire wall of color and shape can boost that playtime and make their games more memorable. Whether you want a section, whole wall, or entire room painted, I can help make your little one’s dreams come true.

I offer an initial free in-home consultation where we can discuss your ideas and figure out the best way to make them into reality. Each project is custom and designed just for you and your space.

children's room space mural

Nurseries, Bedrooms, and Playrooms

The best rooms have themes. Ocean, jungle, outer space, princess or monster, your child should have well designed decor from day one. When you add a mural to the room, you can make that design even stronger. Cribs may turn into beds and blocks may be traded for wands and blasters, but a mural will be loved and enjoyed for years and years.

3-D Accents

The only thing better than a mural is a mural that comes off the wall. I can build special accent items that blend seamlessly with the design. This can be purely decorative, like a spaceship blasting off the wall, or it can be functional, like a shelf or book nook that melts back into the scene.

Creative Problem Solving

Things like vents and light switches can be tricky to hide when surrounded by fun shapes and colors. I can brainstorm solutions to these problems that help keep the scene intact and prevent any breaks in imagination. Here, for example, an air-return vent becomes the nuclear-powered core of galaxy-hopping UFO!

Anthony and Brianne’s Jungle Playroom

Full wall mural with integrated chalkboard and shelving

Rumble in the jungle in this playroom. A variety of animals are enjoying their day as a waterfall cascades off the cliffs behind them. Two monkeys stare in wonder at the built-in chalkboard, while a toucan pops out of the tree to see whats up. In the corner, and bleeding onto the adjacent wall, a tree holds integrated shelving as part of it’s trunk.

jungle themed mural with snake and lions and waterfall
jungle toucan in mural
playroom mural with chalkboard
mural with chalk board and monkeys
monkey jungle mural for kids playroom
mural with shelving built in
silly monkey mural with chalkboard

Leah’s Ocean Bedroom

Full wall mural with personal touch

Dive deep with a creative under the sea mural. This design took the room’s existing purple walls and brought them in as the sides of the ocean floor, framing the happy sea dwellers within. Lobsters lovingly hold claws, sea horses and fish dance, and everyone is having a good time. One particular fish, the orange fellow with the large eyes, was modeled after the family’s beloved pet Goldie.

children's room mural dolphin
children's room mural fishies
children's room mural seahorses
children's room mural lobsters
awesome ocean mural for kids room
children's room mural turtle

Ben’s Outer Space Bedroom

Full wall mural with hidden element and 3D accent

Make your child’s imagination reach the farthest limits possible. This room features a spacescape full of innumerable hand-painted stars, planets, a swirling galaxy, and three different vehicles. The first is a manned probe with a friendly astronaut, the second is a UFO designed to hide an air-return vent as its core, and the third is a three dimensional rocket made of plaster and paper mache piloted by a tiny little alien figurine.

children's room space mural
children's room mural space planet
children's room mural astronaut
children's room mural galaxy

“The Far School”

4×5 foot mural with faux wood framing

Accent one wall with a sized mural. Painted in the den of a retired teacher, “The Far School” represented the journey towards an education. A long and bumpy path leads to the distant schoolhouse, overlooking an expansive view of the world around it. Faux wood framing with a high gloss makes the mural pop with a subtle shine around the border.

fantasy mural schoolhouse in the distance
fantasy mural tree and pathway
quaint schoolhouse mural with faux wood frame
fantasy mural cobblestone path
faux wood frame on mural
fantasy mural river

Give your child the coolest room in the house!

Contact me today to start planning a custom designed and painted mural!