Custom Muraling Services for Adult Spaces

Your home should reflect who you are. The decor should sing your name in every room. More than just accessories and pictures, using the walls themselves to show your personality can truly transform a room into your favorite room.

I offer an initial free in-home consultation where we can discuss your ideas and figure out the best way to make them into reality. Each project is custom and designed just for you and your space.

children's room space mural

Nurseries, Bedrooms, and Playrooms

The best rooms have themes. Ocean, jungle, outer space, princess or monster, your child should have well designed decor from day one. When you add a mural to the room, you can make that design even stronger. Cribs may turn into beds and blocks may be traded for wands and blasters, but a mural will be loved and enjoyed for years and years.

3-D Accents

The only thing better than a mural is a mural that comes off the wall. I can build special accent items that blend seamlessly with the design. This can be purely decorative, like a spaceship blasting off the wall, or it can be functional, like a shelf or book nook that melts back into the scene.

Creative Problem Solving

Things like vents and light switches can be tricky to hide when surrounded by fun shapes and colors. I can brainstorm solutions to these problems that help keep the scene intact and prevent any breaks in imagination. Here, for example, an air-return vent becomes the nuclear-powered core of galaxy-hopping UFO!

Marie’s Misty Pines Bedroom

Top-half wall mural

Living in the suburbs in a state with cold winters, the opportunities to enjoy nature are limited. For someone who enjoys camping, the urge to be surrounded by trees can hit suddenly and intensely, which is a problem if there is a foot of snow outside. With this mural framing her bed, at least there can be some semblance of Mother Nature after a long day. Using shades of blue to evoke a peaceful and calming scene, the trees fade off into the distance, carrying the stress of the day away.

bedroom mural adult forest
pine tree dreamy mural adult bedroom
calm bedroom mural
peaceful camping mural in bedroom
art mural for nature lover

Sue’s Big Flower Bathroom

Accent mural

A very small basement bathroom needed something very big to make the space feel more alive. A complex design, or one that spanned the entire wall, would have quickly crossed the line from “cozy” to “cramped”, but by focusing on two simple-yet-dynamic objects, I was able to fill the room with color and shape without making it feel overwhelming.

bathroom mural flowers
blue flower detail cozy mural
purple flower big art mural bathroom
bathroom mural basement floral

Treat yourself to a room that is truly yours

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