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Welcome to Spare Corner Art Studio

Based in Twinsburg, Ohio, I am a painter, sketcher and muralist. I am available for commissioned paintings and on-site projects. My goals as an artist are to meet cool people, make cool things, and drink hot coffee. See below some of the cool things I’ve made. See even further below to learn more about me, and even further below that is my contact information. Prints, Commissions and originals are all for sale.

Transform an entire room with a full or partial-wall mural. Make it really pop with integrated 3D accents and functional elements!

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Oil Paintings
A beautiful scene, framed and displayed for years to come. Purchase an existing piece from my gallery or describe your vision and I'll create it custom just for you.

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Watercolor and Illustration
More whimsical than paintings, these pieces are storytellers. Best for books, invitations, announcements, or anything that needs a personal, creative, and memorable touch.

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A child’s room is their own special, private place, where their imagination can run wild and playtime can go crazy. Giving them an entire wall of color and shape can boost that playtime and make their games more memorable. Whether you want a section, whole wall, or entire room painted, I can help make your little one’s dreams come true.

You want your house to reflect who you are. Your tastes, your interests, and your personal touches. Transforming a wall into a piece of art is a bold way to ensure that your favorite room is truly yours.

Oil Paintings

Art is a part of life, and every square inch of color and shape I can add to this world is one more part of it that is complete. Everyone has their own art to add to the world, whether or not they realize it. As an artist for hire, I want to help you make real the art inside of you.

Watercolor and Illustration

Illustration adds an undeniable charm and individualism to anything it touches. Invitations, announcements, books, and banners, all can reach new levels of impression when they carry a customized scene. I tell my stories through visual art, and as an artist for hire, I want to help you tell yours.

About Me

After a lifetime of doodling and sketching on semi-available surfaces, I claimed a spare corner of the basement to be my first Official Art Studio. I still had to share it with my children, but at least I could leave my easels and oils out between projects.

With a home base, my hobbies grew into gigs. I was painting and photographing and creating for reasons beyond my own personal satisfaction. Not that it wasn’t still immensely satisfying, I was able to share my imagination with others, and help bring their ideas to life.

The studio has since moved to a larger space, the canvases have grown and the amount of overfilled supply drawers has multiplied, but the joy of making has remained the same.

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Let’s Talk

I am available for commissions in oils, watercolors, murals, and assorted other media. I’d love to hear your ideas and help you make them real. Prices vary based on the size of the final piece, the materials involved, and the time spent.

If you want to purchase an existing piece, we can certainly work that out as well. Most of the items in the gallery above are available. If a particular piece has already found a new home, then I can recreate it for you.

For the photography, prints are available in a variety of sizes.

The bottom line is, I’ll take any excuse to sit down with some coffee and chat about pretty things.