Twinsburg Art Club

Founded in the summer of 2018, the Twinsburg Art Club is a casual, social gathering for artists in the area. All (adult) ages, all skill levels, all medias are welcome to come and share past and current works, inspirations, techniques, and conversation.


Meetings are held once a month at the Twinsburg Library. The next one will be April 13. If you’re interested in attending, please let me know and I’ll get you all the details.


Below are some of our members. We come from a variety of backgrounds, life experiences, ages, styles, and inspirations. Check out all of our socials for more information.

Jed Davis

Primarily a painter, Jed enjoys experimenting with creative outputs of all sorts. He has worked in clay, wood, textiles, and plaster to create 3D works, as well as acrylics, oils, pastels, pencils, and watercolors for works on canvas and paper. Jed’s art often involves imaginative creatures, sweeping landscapes, and humorous scenes.

Spare Corner Art Studio