Welcome to Spare Corner Art Studio

My first studio was carved out of a spare corner in my kid’s basement playroom. It was surrounded by, and often invaded by, toys and books and little hands that bump and smear. It was bursting with creativity and love. Now, I’ve moved into a larger space with less mess but just as much imagination.

My creations are sometimes meaningful, sometimes irrelevant, and sometimes a paradoxical mix of the two. No matter the meaning, they all come from the same chronic urge to create, and they all help bring some little bit of color and fun to the world.

Take a look around. If anything catches your eye, I’d love to hear about it. Some pieces are for sale, some aren’t but can be reproduced, and some can be customized into a new piece just for your tastes. Or, if you’ve got some brand new vision in your head but no idea on how to realize it, I’d be honored and excited to help you pull it out onto canvas or paper.

Landscapes and Fantasies and Colors and Shapes

Fine Art carries exactly as much value as the person viewing it ascribes to it. Some of my paintings come from deep feelings and tender emotions, some come from neat scenic ideas, and some were just mental images that needed to be on canvas simply to get them out of my head. Regardless, they all hold in incredible value in my eye.

Worlds of Adventure

Adventurous characters and unexplored worlds come pouring out when you chronically doodle and daydream. A scene doesn’t have to tell a whole story, but it should plant the seeds for one in your imagination all the same.

Beautiful Things I’ve Seen

Most of these pictures were snapped while just walking the trails around my city. If you get down in the dirt and let your eyes wander, there’s all sorts of things to see.

Neverending Mirth

As a chronically creative / fidgety adult with two equally creative and busy children, the opportunities to make fun things are both common and welcome. Below are some of the neat things I’ve made.

Welcome Signs for All

I love those big board signs people have to brighten up their front doors (or back doors, or hallways, or storefronts, or wherever). I do not love them all looking the same though. Stained wood or solid paint looks nice, but don’t you think it looks nicer to have something full of color? “WELCOME” and “HELLO” are friendly enough, but why not encourage people more with a custom message?

I prefer to use boards that are five or six feet tall by six or eight inches wide*, but can certainly work in other sizes depending on where you are going to be placing your sign. Pricing starts at $150 for a basic scene and message, with more details adding to the cost.

Signs make a great gift for any occasion!

  • Birthday
  • Mother’s / Father’s Day
  • Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa / etc.
  • Moving into a new home / apartment / dorm / etc.
  • New porch or patio space
  • Storefront signage
  • Just for the hell of it

* Depends what is in stock at the store

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